Sticker Documentary by Juxtapoz Magazine

Here’s a quick 8 minute mini-documentary based on street stickers. The video by Juxtapoz Magazine features words from Zoo York co-founder Eli Morgan Gesner, OBEY founder Shepard Fairey, and world renowned artist Eric Haze. The video includes some valuable and interesting information including a short history on street stickers, and how artists and creators distributed … Continue reading Sticker Documentary by Juxtapoz Magazine


Stickers Hungry for Apple!

Sticker designer Owli has created some adorable apple-eating stickers! Owli is known for his super cute monster stickers, but these ones stand out that little bit more. The pack comes with a big monster for your MacBook logo, and a miniature one for your iPhone logo! These little monsters even have names; Irv and Chompito. … Continue reading Stickers Hungry for Apple!