Stickers Hungry for Apple!

Sticker designer Owli has created some adorable apple-eating stickers! Owli is known for his super cute monster stickers, but these ones stand out that little bit more.

The pack comes with a big monster for your MacBook logo, and a miniature one for your iPhone logo! These little monsters even have names; Irv and Chompito. The large one is Irv, and the baby one is Chompito. These names are too cute.

The pack comes with a set of instructions which are as follows:

Step 1 – Apply the black shadow sticker over the apple on your MacBook. This helps block the light from shining through.

Step 2 – Carefully place Irv over the shadow sticker so that he perfectly aligns with the apple and looks like he’s eating it! GRAWBGHGLH!!!

Step 3 – Lovingly place Chompito on the apple of your iPhone.

Irv and Chompito can be used on plenty more surfaces other than your MacBook and iPhone. Here’s some photos Owli has posted on Instagram of his little monsters stuck on some other stuff.

If you like these stickers, you can grab a set for just $3 at Owli’s online store. You can’t miss out on picking up some of these cuties!

Check out our previous blog post about a sticker vending machine!

By Standard Sunday


For more stickers, check out Standard Sunday’s sticker shop!


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